Sunday, February 1, 2009

Helloooo blogsphere!

Well, this is my first time! I've never done this before. [blush] I mean, I'm a good girl. [moue, legs crossed, hands folded, please ignore the fishnets and stilettos] My mother always said don't talk to strangers, so I don't.

Life has been very silent.

So, here I am, starting my very own blog. What does one write about? Does one dribble at the metaphorical mouth? Does one rant and rave? I am supposed to be here to do the hard yards of creating a following as I am wanting to be a writer. I am actually writing my first book! Hard to believe I know. Sort of like going to Hollywood and saying "I want to be a movie star. I'm going to my first audition".

It has been suggested that this is what one does to get ahead. I thought one just called Divine Brown. Oh! Silly me, that's 'a head' not 'ahead'.

But back to what to write about. The guru who proposed all this said to be as honest and as frank as I can be. Well without going to the deed poll this is what you'll get - tjmac.

As I said on my profile, I am currently VERY disillusioned with politicians. We here in Australia, mate [That's obligatory, you know. I think it might even be hyphenated.], had a change of government just over a year ago. I helped. I really disliked John Howard. I believe he is related to a race of malignant gnomes who go about stealing people's civil liberties, selling our natural resources to the lowest bidder and posing with as many sporting celebrities as they can. Shit, as my estwhile husband said "even a blind drover's dog could have led Australia's economy during the eleven years he [Howard] was in. Americans were borrowing 150% on their assets and buying stuff from China. China's production (and economy) was booming. They had to buy the raw materials from somewhere due to their not having the infrastructure to mine their own. Australia won that lottery. Howard was in the right place at the right time".
Then the Australian public finally had enough of the little @#!! and elected Rudd with a massive mandate to do something about the environment and worker's rights. Labor got into office, found out what was really going on, hit the public servants bureaucratic brick wall and blanched. Poor bastards. But I am still disillusioned. They had a real mandate. Mind you the Australian public is likely to bite the arse that tries to free them. Just look at Gough.

But anyhooo.

So now the USA has a shiny new president. Looks good, does Barack Obama. Mind you, next to George W Bush, a plaster garden gnome would look intelligent. Maybe that's why Little Johnnie and George got on so well.

Back to Barack: he's looking a little paler too. Has he hit the bureaucratic brick wall yet? Or are they being nice to him for a little while? Good luck, Obama. You are going to need it. You've been offered a mission, these instructions will self-destruct in 15 seconds...dump dump dump daaadump twidle deeeee twidle deeeee

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